My Social Media Management References for Markets

New brands that are trying to populate market share big brands or bazaars want to put the power of social media behind them. It’s true right here. Well, can all brands use this power right? Yes, social media is a great power for brands and you need to make sure that this power is used correctly. I would like to remind you of the importance of Pirelli’s slogan in the commercial film:

“Uncontrolled power is not power”

This is why I am getting a lot of content, but one of the brands I support freelance is not showing the same success in social media It is not. I discovered other brands that fall into the same fate by the way of the behavior of this brand which I give support. I saw this deadly mistake! It would not be right to hurt brand reputation or waste material resources with a useless work while we are doing a good job.

Social media for brands

What were the mistakes of brands misusing social media?

1- Do not plan any content

Friends, it is important to plan the importance of planning this article I think it would be unnecessary to discuss it under. Of course, without planning, success is only a coincidence. If you are not a lucky believer, you should not believe that you can do a good job without social media content planning.

Try to put together all the necessary items for good content planning. Am I telling you? Very simple:

One excel table,
I have a content editor (I’m talking about a writer who is marketing marketing talent that manages your brand’s written communications and content delivery channels)
One visual designer (You must know how important the images are for social media interaction).

Your content manager makes weekly or monthly social media content planning on excel. In the Excel spreadsheet they explain which day, which composition to share. It makes various edits and specifies the texts to be used in these edits. Your visual designer will look at this table and prepare the desired images.

It is effective to create periodic repetitive content categories (categories) in social media content planning. For example, if there are 7 shares per week, how these shares will be shared is part of the planning.


Sharing calling blog posts at least once a week,
The social responsibility message that your target organization may be interested in x times a week,
Interesting information y times a week,
Sharing abc for the first time a week …

These categories are just examples. I do not say this kind of sharing with the province, but I mean to create rules with boundaries about what types of shares to make. These boundaries can be stretched again with a brilliant idea when the time comes.

2- Keeping #Hashtag bombarded

I saw hundreds of writers who break the meaning and completeness of the article from repetition of the key word that they targeted in their blog posts. He’s gotten used to the eye, which is it? A similar folly is on the social media. Markets that wanted to see their shares shared by everyone began to use the hashtags, which act as keywords for social media, with all the bonus. In the meantime, social media outlets shouted “I am an ad.”

Do not do this. Using 10 hashtags on a share means that the entire composition is never to be mistaken. My recommendation is to use a maximum of 3 hashtags in the future.

Example: If you have a cushioning brand, do not put those hashtags in the social media behind the good message
“We can not choose your dreams but we can provide you with uninterrupted dreams. # dream # sleep # night # pillow # sleep # uninterrupted # soft # loving # extraordinary …

3- To be able to combine visual and message in social media

I said that social media sharing views for marketers need to be prepared in master hands. There is one important detail that I do not say. I also say it now:

Place the essence of the message that you want to give – the shortest of quotes – on the visual. So use your visuals as a headline.

Example: If you are a computer retailer, pull a colored strip from the center of the computer image you are preparing for sharing. Write a message on the lane like “Do you know why you work so quiet?” This is a purely representative example. You do not have to split the picture right from the middle. Here’s what you need to look at:

The written message on the visual should be easily readable. There should be no reading difficulties caused by background color or incorrect sizing.
If the text on the visual does not pass 7 words, it increases the rate of reading and clicking. The less words you describe your association, the more it will get clicked. This is a constant suggestion with experience.

4- Destroying brand image to attract attention

If you do not pay attention to the issues I have mentioned so far, your brand image will be negatively affected. In this case, it is as great a power as social media, you may have turned you into a weary guru. Considering what we understand about the correct implementation of the previous 3 items, I reveal 4. and the other very important substance:

The only criterion for branding that represents the success of social media sharing is not multi-click (interaction). Yes, it is one of our priority expectations, but it should not be evaluated on its own. You may want to use funny shares that people want to see the most in social media so that you just click on one. Then you mean dangerous water. Humor certainly works, but if you do not have a fine humor you can disrupt the seriousness of your mark. I think it is useful to leave all work to the specialist.

It is not a business-oriented business to make laughter laughing at people; It’s the job of comedy pages. If you are not so sure about the humor, do not think more about the smiles that will make you smile. Do not force. Do not ruin your brand reputation while browsing.

5 – Focus only on publicity

Social media for marketers is one of the low-cost and high-return advertising channels. The low costs do not indicate that we should not exploit until the end of the trade. Do not share ads with the kind that will annoy the people who follow your page. Of course, I know that we use social media for our brand again as a marketing channel. That’s precisely why I warn you:

The mass appealed by your mark is certain. For example, if you sell a product for women, make a variety of sharing that women might love. I mentioned this topic in the first article. Sharing social media outlets that defend women’s rights may not immediately affect your product sales, but it supports emotional ties between your brand and consumers. If you put a trademark logo on a corner of the image, it will not disturb you. 😉