‘N Brand Summit Will Be Held Online Between April 1-11

Marmara University, organized by Synergy Club ‘N Brand Summit, Turkey’s most important business people on April 1-11, will bring together university students and the business world. The event will be held online over the internet.

A document will also be given to the participants at the event. At the event, which will be held between April 1-11, speakers and employees from different fields will come together every day. The list of speakers is as follows:

  • (1 April 20.00-21.00) – THY General Manager (Italy-Bari) Ömür KAHRAMAN
  • (April 2, 18.00-19.00) -Eczacıbaşı Vitra Tile Sales Manager Mevlüt Baran ETYEMEZ + Eczacıbaşı VitrA Tile Sales Manager Tuncay YAMAN
  • (April 4, 18.00-19.00) Product Management and Marketing Deputy General Manager Ezgi KARGAN
  • (April 5, 18.00-19.00) -Atasay Executive Board Member Hamdi KÜLAHÇIOĞLU
  • (April 5, 20.00-21.00) -Blutv CTO Ömer Faruk ÇELEBİ
  • (6 April 18.00-19.00) -Boyner Büyük Mağazacılık CEO Eren ÇAMURDAN
  • (6 April 19.30-20.30) – Needs Map General Coordinator Ahmet BALAT + Board Member Esra ARSLAN


  • (7th April 17:00 to 18:00) -Turkey Business Bank, the Retail Banking Marketing Manager Burak Sezercan
  • (April 7, 18.30-19.30) -Koçtaş CEO Devrim KILIÇOĞLU
  • (April 7, 20.00-21.00) -ALICE Istanbul CEO Tolga ALİŞOĞLU
  • (April 8, 18.00-19.00) -LC Waikiki Deputy CEO Ömer Barbaros YİŞ
  • (8 April 20.00-21.00) – Betül GENÇ, Pharmaceutical Sales Director
  • (April 9, 18.00-19.00) -Loft General Manager Aydın SÜHA
  • (9 April 19.30-20-30) -Jolly Tour Chairman of the Board Mete VARDAR
  • (10 April 18.00-19.00) -MNG Cargo Deputy General Manager Alpay MADEN
  • (April 10, 20.00-21.00) -Özdilek Chairman of the Board Hüseyin ÖZDİLEK (April 10, 20.00-21.00)
  • (11 April 19.00-20.00) -Bosphore Tech CEO Ali Murat YEŞİLYURT + Nely Robot Founder Faik Berk GÜLER

To register for the event this link can use, which is the event home page You can get more detailed information by visiting the address.