N11, which has applied to the CMB, will offer its 15.3% portion to the public

Doğuş Planet, the owner of n11, has applied to the Capital Markets Board for the public offering of its e-commerce platform. According to the statements made on the subject, 15.3 percent of n11 will be offered to the public.

N11, one of Turkey’s most popular e-commerce platforms, Capital Markets Board(SPK) made a public offering application. According to the information published on n11’s website, the platform of 15.3 percent It is planned to be offered to the public. This reference seems to contribute to the growth of n11.

Applying to the CMB, n11 did not give a detailed explanation on the subject. In this context, details such as price per share or book building dates are for now. Unknown. However, according to the statements made by the company, investors 33 million lira to the capital part They can be partners. Doğuş Planet, the owner of n11, increased the general capital of n11 from TL 182.6 million with this transaction. Will raise to 215.6 million lira.

It has been announced that the trade volume of n11 is 8.2 billion liras.

n11 being offered to the public

The application for the public offering of n11 includes a prospectus that is still in the draft stage. According to the information contained in this prospectus, n11 is currently Turkey’s third largest e-commerce platform. Company’s market share in Turkey 6.5 percent n11’s trade volume increased by 48 percent. 8.2 million TLhas reached.


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n11, which announced its financial situation for 2020 a while ago, 1 billion TL announced that he had won. Accordingly, the company’s revenues increased by 56 percent. The profit made by the platform last year increased by around 33 percent. 58.5 million TL was recorded as. By the way, it is worth noting that n11 is a brokerage firm, with sellers being the biggest source of revenues.