NASA Collects Information on Fires

Many natural disasters, especially forest fires, are happening in many parts of the world in recent years, and the world of science has also turned its eyes to these events.

Climate change is one of the most widespread issues in recent days, There has been an incredible increase in disaster numbers and everyone is looking for the cause of this anomaly. NASA is one of the agencies that reviews disasters from a distance and shares information on the subject and makes various explanations.

NASA's satellites Terra's catching fire images, which were captured by NASA's satellite Terra, are also important news for NASA's decision to ascertain the effect of the storm in Japan over the past few days.

Lastly, NASA has provided a lot of information about the progress and impact of the fire by examining the forest fires, which are not controlled for days in California, and which have negative effects on civic life through satellite images. In this way, the public can be warned much earlier than the direction of the fire, and avoiding possible deaths and major damages.

Fire images captured by NASA's satan Terra



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At the same time, smoke from the fire can also be taken precautions against the effects of the smoke of the people living in the fire area thanks to the satellite images which can be obtained from the ground. In the future, NASA will try to collect information from satellite imagery and try to leave the forest fires with minimal damage.