Nasa, Deferred Solar Explorer Vehicle Dumped On This Day

NASA's spacecraft 'Parker Sun Explorer' planned to send to yesterday was not sent to the end.

NASA tried to send the spacecraft that it worked on a long plane to the distance in the past, but plans to stay on the flight for 1 minute were broken. After a delayed flight due to technical reasons, the crew intervened briefly and the preparations were completed today.

The vehicle sent to the far end with the aim of gathering information about the solar atmosphere attracts attention with its proximity to the surface of the Sun. The car, which will be covered with a carbon composite heat shield, which is a high temperature resistant material around this point, made the trip at 0:33 local time tonight.


            NASA's $ 1.5 Billion Space Vehicle Voyage Sent to Sun

The Solar said that it moved from Cape Canaveral Space Base in Florida, and we can say in size of the car as the size. The Solar Inspector, which is the first spacecraft to fly through the solar atmosphere, will also provide scientists with important information about our universe.

In addition, the spacecraft will have a chest at a temperature of about 1370 degrees Celsius. However, as we stated above, the surroundings of the vehicle will be covered with a protective material, which will allow the interior of the Sun Explorer to remain at room temperature. The car, which will make its journey at 692,000 km per hour, is also the fastest man-made product at the same time.