NASA Flight Information to Protect with NAS Blockchain ch Technology

NASA is making new initiatives to ensure the confidentiality and security of flight data. NASA, which is investigating the possible cryptographic properties of the technology called Blockchain, can put its research into practice recently. The information given in the article states that NASA wants to take advantage of Blockchain technology, which is used in encrypted processes to deal with this problem. to be protected for military and corporate operations. While NASA has made such attempts to protect flight information, a law has been adopted in the United States from January 1, 2020 on the identification of airplanes, routes and flight information. With the new system called ADS-B, all of this information will be publicly available.

In the published research report, many blockchains are mentioned. The blockchain applications that are given give you the authority to perform private and confidential transactions. Users with limited authority in the network can also be identified by these applications.


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Reisman indicating that some channels will be used in the information sharing system; some of the channels, such as latitude, longitude, momentary location, some data that should remain confidential and access to this channel will be limited, he said. In addition to this limitation, information that all members can access, such as take-off position and destination, will also be shared by a different channel.


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