NASA Releases Astronauts to Earth

Spacebo and Boeing cooperate with crew of 4 astronauts announced.

NASA, SpaceX and Boeing cooperate to cooperate to announce 8 astronauts to be announced. Crew Dragon and CST-100 Starliner crew will be orbiting the space shuttle will be released on Friday. The event to be held in Texas will be broadcast live.


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After the US crew spacecraft is set to retire in 2011, NASA is sending its first orbiting spacecraft. In this seven-year gap NASA has had to rely on expensive Russian space ships to reach the International Space Station (USS), where the US spent $ 100 billion. With SpaceX and Boeing, this problem will go away, but both companies must first prove that spacecraft can fly to the ISS and return smoothly to the Earth. Crew Dragon and the CST-100 Starliner will pass three tests to become NASA's new space carrier. Astronauts are not expected to enter vehicles before the end of 2018.


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SpaceX and Boeing have already been working with four new spacecraft for the last three years. Four of the eight astronauts were Bob Behnken, Eric Boe, Doug Hurley and Sunita "The Artificial" Williams. In effect, NASA will announce the remaining four astronauts. NASA's Commercial Crew Program will be able to keep track of its mission selection activity live through NASA TV, a video streaming from the Johnson Space Center in Texas.

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