NASA Spaces Space Photography on Notes

Our universe is a wonderful place full of unresolved mysteries. But there is only one silence that we can hear without air molecules outside the atmosphere.

We know that voices are not emitted in space. Fortunately, this did not prevent NASA from producing "sound" from the silence of space. NASA wanted to take notes in space and NASAus photo was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope last August


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Due to the numerous galaxies covered by the photo, Hubble employees are called gök the treasure chest of the galaxy ları. . A few stars that are closer to Earth are shining in the foreground, with a huge cluster of galaxies in the center of the image.

However, this beautiful image has turned into a creepy musical composition.

it causes voices to increase. ses They also added that different regions and components of the image produce different sounds. Stars and small galaxies give clear voices, while spiral galaxies turn into more complex and long notes


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NASA continues to explore new ways to experience the universe. We look forward to their next discovery.