NASA Updated Rocket Launch Dates to Space Station

NASA and NASA's Crew Program providers, Boeing and SpaceX, have announced that they will change the target launch dates of the rockets they will launch into the International Space Station.

had done. Boeing's crewless orbital test flight is targeted for April or later.

Crew Team Program Manager Kathy Lueders said: Müdür The crewless flight tests are an excellent preparation for our crew and our crew to be ready for our crewed flight tests. NASA works with SpaceX and Boeing to make sure we're ready to perform these test flights and safely fly our team. Thanks to the tests we can get a lot of information]


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In January, SpaceX was ready for Demo-1 and successfully completed a static fire test with a Dragon capsule over Falcon 9. Boeing's CST-100 Starliner capsule is in preparation for the orbital flight test and continues to run tests. In order to meet the requirements of commercial partners, their systems are ready to make regular flights to the space station. After the flight tests, Boeing and SpaceX will run a test flight with a crew that has been granted a test crew rotation certificate. By NASA


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The dates of these test flights are as follows:

SpaceX Demo-1 (Without Crew): March 2, 2019
Boeing Orbital Flight Test (without crew): April 2019
Boeing Escape Test on Departure: May 2019
SpaceX Flight Escape Test: June 2019
SpaceX Demo-2 (Crewed): July 2019
Boeing Crew Flight Test (Crewed): August 2019

The Boeing, SpaceX and Crew Team Program is actively working to get ready for their duties. As with all space vehicle development processes, learning from each test can be modified and the dates planned to reduce the crew's risk may change.