NASA's Methane Discovery on Mars Becomes Interesting

NASA said it had discovered methane gas remains on Mars in recent months. This discovery was considered the greatest proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Recent research does not exclude the possibility that the remains are of biological origin.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shared with the public that methane gas remains on the Red Planet Mars last June. Even after this news, the question of whether there was life on Mars or if there was any life before was started to be heatedly discussed among people.

Wanting to determine where the methane came from and whether this process was geological or biological, the team was conducting a number of new studies led by the University of Newcastle. Because methane may have emerged with microbial life or may have been caused by some geological events. These studies do not yet provide a definite answer, but some important information is also available.

Mars Spacecraft

Simply put, methane on Mars cannot be considered as evidence of life on the planet; so scientists are trying to narrow down the possibilities. In this new study, researchers tried to calculate how much erosion had occurred on Mars and matched it to the level of methane gas that had occurred in the past seasonal changes.

After everything was calculated, in a paper published in Scientific Reports, researchers effectively eliminated the possible source of methane based on observations of wind erosion on Mars. According to the published paper, it is unlikely that the discovered methane gas remains as a result of the rocks breaking into pieces and releasing the gas into the air. So the ruins did not occur because of a wind-induced incident.

Could the remains be from biological life?

Mars Biological Life

The team, which has failed to form a strong link between wind erosion and methane residues, suggests that methane gas could possibly come from another source. Excluding the wind erosion option means that methane is a less potential geological source. However, although there is no evidence that methane is produced as a result of biological resources, it is not rejected in absolute terms. So the source of the gas is not yet known.


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Life on Mars is still an open-ended question. The team continues to work on the remains. Although the source of methane remains unknown, the possibility of biological life has not been eliminated.