NASA's Space Vehicle's Solar Trip Delayed

NASA's long-running spacecraft, 'Parker Solar Inspector', was unable to launch because of a technical problem that has arisen recently.

NASA delayed the launch of the spacecraft for 1 minute to launch the spacecraft to send it to the Sun.

The spacecraft, which cost NASA $ 1.5 billion, will be launched again tomorrow. The spacecraft, expected to reach 690 kilometers per hour, will gather information about the Sun's atmosphere by approaching the surface of the Sun at 6.16 million kilometers. The carbon composite heat shield, which will be exposed to the sun's 1370 degree temperature, will protect the space vehicle from both the solar radioactive effects and keep the temperature of the vehicle at 30 degrees.

The spacecraft, called the Parker Solar Kaşifi, will function for seven years in a million-degree atmosphere named the Sun's korona. Throughout the mission, the vehicle will turn around the Sun 24 times. Parker, who will be the man-made vehicle that closes the sun to the present day,


It will try to solve the solar wind acceleration, the continuous flow of matter out of the star and the mystery of the high temperature in the coronation.
            NASA's $ 1.5 Billion Space Vehicle Reaches Sun

Parker, who is supposed to complete his missions successfully thanks to the heat shield, is expected to unravel the mysteries of the Sun. The launch, which can not be carried out today due to technical reasons, will be tried again tomorrow.