NASA's Vehicle Has Been Determined Where to Land Bennu Asteroid

NASA's unmanned space probe OSIRIS-REx will land on the Bennu asteroid. $ 1 billion was spent for OSIRIS-REx, which will receive rock samples from Bennu.

NASA's unmanned spacecraft reached Benno's asteroid last year. OSIRIS-RExdetermined where to land on asteroid surface. The study is eagerly awaited because of the importance of information from the samples to be taken.

OSIRIS-REx, which will land on the surface of the asteroid to obtain a rock sample from Bennu, NASA It cost $ 1 billion. In this huge budget project, a landing site was determined. The region called 'Nightingale', the Bennu'yu a pit near the north pole with pebbles around it.

There are some risks during the landing of OSIRIS-REx:


Load OSIRIS-REx after taking samples from rocks To the Earth expected to bring back. Bennu asteroid, Earth and Mars It cuts its trajectory. With the arrival of the asteroid of OSIRIS-REx, it became clear that Bennu had more rock surfaces than had been predicted. In this case, the landing of OSIRIS-REx will become more risky. The Japanese-run project, which aimed to set an example with Hayabusa 2, has recently faced similar challenges.

Scientists working on 50 potential landing sites narrowed the list by examining visible barriers. The last four of Nightingale, Osprey, Sandpiper and Kingfisher are ultimately Osprey's replacement Nightingale the decision was chosen as noble.

Next year OSIRIS-REx, the Bennu'yu It will land on its surface and detonate the compressed nitrogen jet. This will facilitate the collection of surface materials by the probe. NASA aims to collect 60 grams of material from Bennu. Weight of material collected with Hayabusa 2 only 100 milligrams.


on the other hand OSIRIS-RExlanding on the surface risks. The safe zone of Nightingale is about 16 meters wide. The width of the OSIRIS-REx is about 6.2 meters. In this case, it is predicted that the probe will not perform much slippage. There is also a 7-meter monolith at the end of the safe zone. NASA The team called this monolith "Mount Doom".


Famous Asteroid Bennu Moves Around Spreading Parts

NASA's date for material collection August 25, 2020. Before this date, OSIRIS-REx will take two close flights to the surface to achieve closer scans. Two more trials will be conducted before the actual landing. from Bennu'yu It is stated that the samples to be collected are very important for scientists. Bennu's examples can help us uncover some secrets about our solar system.

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