National Aviation Conference: Flying should be “green”

At the 2nd National Aviation Conference, the focus was on the revival of aviation after the Corona crisis and the design of climate-neutral flying. It is not enough to somehow cope with the economic consequences of the Corona crisis. “Rather, it is a matter of aligning our economic recovery measures with our climate goals,” declared Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In order to achieve climate neutrality in flying, the federal government, federal states and industry would, among other things, work on building up and expanding production for the production of synthetic fuels, the federal government said further. The technology, known as power-to-liquid, is intended to produce synthetic fuels with the help of electricity from renewable sources.

The goal is an increasing power-to-liquid kerosene quota of 0.5 percent from 2026 and “to” two percent from 2030, according to Merkel. “At least 200,000 tons of sustainable kerosene should then be produced annually for German air traffic.” The goal ties in with the framework created in 2020 for the future generation and use of hydrogen – the National Hydrogen Strategy. “We need innovations in order to achieve emission-free flying,” Merkel continued.

Appropriate transport connections to the airports are also part of green flying. The Federal Government is also campaigning for a strengthening of EU emissions trading in aviation and the controversial Corsia compensation system (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation), in which CO2-reducing climate protection projects are financed.

“The future of climate-neutral flying is being made in Germany. Working hand in hand with an efficient aviation industry in Germany, we are creating the technical basis for marketable solutions for CO2-neutral flying of tomorrow,” said Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier at the aviation conference.

Federal Transport Minister Scheuer is relying on innovation in new aircraft and synthetic kerosene to make flying climate-friendly and to secure the future of around 850,000 jobs in aviation. “People want to travel and fly again.” That must also be possible, sustainable and soon also climate-neutral. Flight tickets should remain affordable for everyone. “We have to think about flying and train travel together. That is modern mobility.”

The 2nd National Aviation Conference was digitally transmitted this year and from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Transport, the Federal Association of the German Aviation and Space Industry (BDLI), the Federal Association of the German Aviation Industry (BDL), the State of Brandenburg and the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER) under the motto ” Take off for the aviation of the future – innovative, sustainable and resilient “. The National Aviation Conference takes place every two years – alternating with the ILA Berlin aviation and space exhibition – in a different federal state.


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