National UAV Anka Mobile Game

Anka-S, the indigenous unmanned aerial vehicle manufactured by TUSAŞ, comes to our phones with the defense industry's first mobile game lar Operation: Anka oyun

. Anka-S has been the protagonist of a new mobile game, produced for the purpose of eliminating external dependence for these vehicles.

14. International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF’19) exhibits new products. Producers from all over the world exhibit various technologies at the fair. A stand is quite different from the rest of the fair. Otto Games, the action game Anka-S UAV vehicle center in the operation: Operation: Tokyo:

Otto Games Corporate Manager Mustafa Eyyup Karatas, said in a statement for the Turkish defense industry in the first game developed for TAI, he said. As Udo and Otto Games, Karatas said that they developed the game in about 7 months, and said that the superior points of Anka against their rivals were exhibited in this game.

            Drone Driven by Erzurum for Unmanned Transportation of Organs and Blood

The game features a fictional story, many types of weapons and episodes. Karatas says that the defense industry's investments have been developed for the purpose of introducing new generations and young people.

The tasks in the game are composed of various contents such as following the black elements, opening the road, and operating the residential area. Karatas says new scenarios can be added to the game with new updates. "We have a production element that will not end in the defense industry. We want to continue with Atak, Hürkuş and even other defense industry materials. We accept this as a pioneer. We went to a new formation for this. We have established a new company called Otto Games, which will be able to do this job in the defense industry. In addition, we will have increased and virtual reality works.


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There are 6 kinds of enemies and 20 missions in the game. There are 7 different development options and 2 different body options. The game is free to play and play on Android and iOS devices.

Operation: Anka


Operation: Anka