NATO, the US – Turkey on the tension statement Make

came first statement on the subject continuously increased tension between the US and Turkey from NATO.

we have a very busy agenda in recent days in the country. The US is very nervous and economic sanctions are beginning to be implemented. The dollar was experiencing sharp increases and the depreciation of the Turkish lira was also spoken. The latest development was President Erdogan's call for boycott of Apple products. After an important explanation of what happened it came from NATO.

our country, as you know, one of the NATO countries as it is in the dominant position of the US military, which has always made the United States and Turkey are two important allies. The tense atmosphere of the last days naturally brings to your mind the danger of corruption of this alliance.

The NATO official, who stated in his statement, "All nations have shown agreement on solidarity and mutual protection, even though there are disagreements among NATO allies," said NATO official, but the countries have always been in some way negotiating. He also emphasized that he would arrive.


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