Netflix Series Atiye Gets Trial For Alleged Violation

Netflix’s original series Ati is the second in Turkey, it was in court alleged infringement. Şengül Boybaş, the author of the novel inspired by the series, filed a lawsuit against him and his work for not being included in the promotions of the series.

Officially on the shelves in December 2018 The Awakening of the World is the author of the book Şengül Boybaş, inspired by the book and brought to the screens, Netflix series On the grounds that Atiye’s preliminary credits, trailers and posters did not include his work and his name, he opened it to OG Production, the producer company.

“Şengül Boybaş was not invited to any organization in which the TV series team participated. The name of Boybaş and his work was not mentioned in the statements given. Violation of rights We want a cautionary decision to stop the broadcast of the second and third seasons of the series “ The petition with the statements,Istanbul Intellectual and Industrial Property Law Court “what was offered.



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What was the subject of Atiye?

Netflix Original Hakan: After the second Guardian in Turkey series one AtiyaThe main character with the same name as the series, who is actually a painter, has seen the adventure and the mystic and the mystical and supernatural phenomena is taking the subject.

In the lead roles of the production realized by OG Production for which Şengül Boybaş filed a lawsuit Beren SaatFamous names such as Melisa Şenolsun, Metin Akdülger and Mehmet Günsür were included. Who still has not watched Atiye, which was published as of December 2019 Netflix subscribers to the official Netflix page of the series from here Can access.

Atiye trailer

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