Netflix to Test Weekly TOP 10 List

According to a statement by the CEO of Netflix, the company will develop and test a new list of the most popular content weekly to make it easier for users to reach popular content.

is prepared to compete tightly. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, told a new note they sent to investors that they would start testing soon.


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According to a note sent by Hastings to investors, the company will publish a ara Top 10 ’list with the most popular content on a weekly basis, with the feature to be tested first in the UK. This will make Netflix stand out from the most popular content on the platform, making it easy for users to find popular content on Netflix.

Netflix users are already able to see content that is already on the home page. However, this trend varies from person to person because the content is shaped according to the users' viewing habits. The weekly TOP 10 list to be tested will show the most popular content on the platform, regardless of users' viewing habits.


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Hastings said the new "weekly TOP 10" list will be tested in the next quarter of the year. Like every new feature tested, the weekly TOP 10 list is likely to be offered to all users or completely canceled. Netflix wants to develop features that can take advantage of upcoming online broadcast battles.