Netflix to Turkey Show time: New Deals Here

Netflix service within the country that uses the most affordable in the world, Turkey has announced that it applies raise the reputation this morning.

Netflix, the most loved and used one of the online broadcast service in Turkey. Especially after the first Turkish original Netflix Hakan: Guards, the interest in the platform has increased a lot, and the number of new memberships has increased significantly. We have already shared a news story that we are the country that uses Netflix the most. We can continue to have this title after the new prices but the 'hike' cases of users do not have to say it was one of those situations where the love.

old prices determined Netflix for Turkey first remember

Basic: 15,99 TL
Standard: 27,99 TL
Special: $ 39.99

New prices won't burn your pocket much, but it's still a raise. Let's look at the new prices now:

Basic: 19,99 TL
Standard: 33,99 TL
Special: 49,99 TL

In addition to this, the basic category includes a TL 17.99, a standard TL 32.99, and a special category of 47.99 TL. This is interpreted as Netflix's attempt to clarify how much of the hike is to be implemented.


I noticed that I saw old prices when I wanted to restart my Netflix membership that I canceled last month.

Netflix made the following official statement to the Spokesman, who communicated with them on the hike:

We are testing policies. These tests are not public. In addition, we may never put the prices in the tests into practice. Our goal is to make sure that the Netflix membership fee policy is up to the point. 3

So there's a price update, yes, but now the prices in all categories are old.