Network level 3: Vodafone cable network almost completely back-channel capable

At Vodafone, almost the entire cable television network is now back-channel capable. Company spokesman Helge Buchheister said on request: "Almost 99 percent of Vodafone has been expanded."

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  1. Sky Deutschland GmbH, Unterföhring near Munich
  2. Hays AG, Hamburg

A non-returnable cable network only transports TV signals from the transmitter into the apartments. In order to be able to use the Internet and telephony via the cable connection, the cable network must be capable of returning channels because data must be sent back from the subscriber connection. In order to expand networks up to 470 MHz to 630 MHz in network level 3, the signal amplifiers between the last amplifier point and the house transfer point are exchanged for signal amplifiers capable of return channels.

The second largest cable network operator Tele Columbus (Pyür) is still a long way off. The number of households upgraded back-channel capable in the own network at Tele Columbus recently increased by 4,000 to 2.35 million in the fourth quarter of 2019. This corresponds to 69.6 percent of the households developed by Tele Columbus.

According to earlier company information, not all connected households are suitable for being able to be connected to a return channel.

"It's really hard. There are a lot of old networks out there"said Dietmar Pöltl, Chief Technology Officer at Tele Columbus on November 13, 2019 at the Cable Congress in Berlin. "We therefore rely on FTTB or FTTH."

The in-house expansion is also not trivial because nobody is happy when his freshly painted walls are torn open. "But we need fiber in the building and then we go on with the cable in the house", said Pöltl. But the requirements have to be met.

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