New Claim About Low-priced New iPhone Name

Apple will introduce 3 different iPhone models on September 12th. The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max names, which will now be the direct successor of the iPhone X, now entering the first year of age, have gained certainty.

The iPhone family is attending the Steve Jobs Hall in Apple's headquarters on September 12 with three new members to be held. The company, which made the notched screen design of the iPhone X a standard, designed all three models in the same way.

In 2018, when Apple returns to its refurbished iPhone models with plug-in S, we will also be witnessing the turn of a different stream. The iPhone comes with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, a single camera and an aluminum body instead of steel, which will be a low-priced iPhone SE or C series extension. It is expected that this device will be charged at least TL 10.000 due to the striking rise in USD. Let's leave the price to a corner and go back to the complex name.

The new low-priced model will be named "iPhone Xr" according to the new claim:

Until then, it was expected that this device would have titles like iPhone 9, iPhone Xc, and iPhone Xl. It is also said that Apple has managed to deal with some problems when it comes to producing the device, so its sales will be delayed.

The main purpose of the LCD-screen iPhone will be to make a difference in Apple's backward markets like China and India.


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Stay tuned with all the details Apple presented on its launch on September 12th.