New Comment Policy on Twitter and Periscope

Many measures are being taken recently to spread violent commentary, sharing and lying news in the social media.

The use of the internet is now an indispensable part of the world, and everyone has an identity, especially in social media. However, while these social media identities give everyone the freedom to 'speak as they please', the number of people pushing the boundaries is quite high.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been taking a decisive action in this regard, although companies are trying to ignore it because of insults, insults, death threats, racist and sexist comments, and the surplus and normalization of numbers. For example, if you complain that an interpretation on Instagram contains violence, sexuality and similar expressions, Instagram will return to you within a few hours, and if the comment you are complaining about is a clear statement from an implication, Instagram is required.

has also announced that it will start using a similar method for ever-increasing violent comments, but things will change a bit in Periscope.

In fact, this feature has been used in the past, but the user who made the comment was only able to comment and complain about it. was unable to participate in the broadcast. But with the latest announcement, Twitter announced that users who complain on August 10th will be taken directly to their accounts if they repeat it. The same will also apply to similar situations on Twitter.


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This new interpretation policy is much healthier than Instagram's commentary policy if I have to say my subjective opinion. Because sometimes some expressions really include violence, racism and sexism, but Instagram does not deal with such interpretations because it is usually slang or implied. However, if these comments are voted down by direct users, the results will be much healthier.