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According to the Federal Association for Parcel and Express Logistics (BIEK), it is planned to operate throughout Germany by 2023 4.4 billion shipments a year be sent – an important factor with regard to CO2 emissions. At the same time, environmentally conscious online users form the largest group of buyers in online retail. Seven Senders shows the consequences of the increasing need for sustainable parcel delivery and presents new approaches for the last mile.

Increasing demand for delivery services through online trading

The growing need of consumers for convenient fulfillment in online retail is polluting the environment. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, the Sales quotas in e-commerce worldwide almost tripled from 2014 to 2019 and by 2030 the demand for delivery services is expected to increase by another 80 percent. As a result, road traffic will increase by 21 percent at peak times. For commuters in big cities, this means an average of eleven minutes longer driving time – with corresponding fuel consumption and high CO2 emissions.

Package delivery 4.0: Low emissions to the front door

When it comes to parcel delivery with the goods ordered, there is currently a trend that more and more online shoppers in Germany are placing great emphasis on sustainable concepts. According to the DPD e-shopper barometer 2019, 66 percent of them now prefer brands and dealers who buy online, who live up to their responsibility when it comes to environmental protection. This makes environmentally conscious online shoppers the largest group of buyers in online retail.

This is exactly where online retailers and logistics partners need to start and solutions that can make the last mile more sustainable. A look at Sweden shows how environmentally friendly parcel delivery can look at home: at the last-mile logistics provider Budbee for example, the parcel is shipped with climate compensation. By 2025, the company also plans that the delivery vehicles will consist exclusively of electric cars and bicycles.

In order to support operators of e-commerce platforms in a targeted manner to meet the expectations of their end customers, Seven Senders dealt with suitable options at an early stage. “We have already identified sustainable carriers and services in several countries in which we work, which we can offer our customers when necessary,” explains Dr. Johannes Plehn, founder and managing director of Seven Senders. “And for many surprising things about it: They are not, as often thought, automatically the more expensive alternative.”

Innovative concepts for sustainable performance

The focus is on cooperation with carriers who travel the last mile with electric vehicles, cargo bikes or similar sustainable means of transport, for example. A central aspect is that Reduction of CO2 emissions such as delivery to packing stations. The advantage: the first delivery attempt is always successful there. So drivers don’t have to go there several times.

Parcel delivery
Seven Senders cooperates with carriers who use cargo bikes on the last mile, for example. (Image: Seven Senders)

Another solution is to predict delivery times very precisely, ensuring that the addressees are at home. In the future, concepts will play an increasingly important role that use existing capacities in urban areas more efficiently with a view to sustainable delivery on the last mile. This also includes the use of free parking spaces for logistical purposes or attractive models for self-collection at easily accessible pick-up points instead of delivery to your home.

Parcel delivery: focus on fast availability of goods

When shopping online, the rapid availability of goods is an essential factor for an excellent shopping experience. This also depends on the performance – reliable delivery and transparent processes – the carrier on the last mile. “Especially in tense times like the current one it shows that flexibility is the basis for realizing the best solution under varying conditions. This is precisely why we work with various carriers that are adaptable and offer sustainable solutions, ”concludes Plehn.

Seven transmitters is a delivery platform provider for parcel delivery. The company connects shippers with its carrier network of over 100 parcel deliverers in Europe, enabling local shipping to be used as a competitive advantage. With additional shipping services such as claims center, insurance, returns portal and labels, Seven Senders ensures simple international shipping. Automated shipping notifications, tracking and monitoring solutions ensure a transparent shipping process. Shipping performance. (sg)

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