New consoles: Xbox leaks and PS5 praises

Until the next announcement of new console hardware, gamers apparently have to wait until August 2020: Only then will Microsoft officially introduce the suspected Series X, the second new Xbox, the cheaper sister of the Xbox Series X. Among other things, reports Eurogamer about this planning.

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Actually, Microsoft wanted to present new games or the hardware of the upcoming Xbox every month via video presentation. This planning is a mess, after the first edition of the 20/20 series in early May 2020 with games from partner studios, nothing new has been seen so far.

Microsoft could use July to finally present its own titles in detail – such as Halo Infinite.

Simultaneously with the appointment speculation, there is also new information about a technical detail: Unlike originally reported, the CPU of the Series S is supposed to run at the same rate as the Series X – writes including The Verge.

The identical clock would make sense, after all, the CPU is responsible for the game logic, among other things, and it has to work the same on both console versions.

Meanwhile, Epic Games has to sound a bit ridiculous because the developer studio may have overdone the Playstation 5 praise. As “Masterpiece of system design” in any case, Nick Penwarden describes the Console according to Games Radar. Penwarden is head of engineering at Epic Games, so he can actually afford the verdict.

Nevertheless, it is suspected in social networks whether he may not be talking so positively about the consoles because he still has a grudge against Microsoft together with the rest of Epic Games – in the past there was, among other things, disagreement about the Microsoft Store and about commissions.

By the way, Penwarden particularly praises the PS5 “Storage and Data Compression Technology”, the “revolutionary” be. What plans there are at Sony for further announcements around the console is currently unknown.

The release date and price are still open. However, there were already leaks at Amazon France, among others, according to which the device will be launched on November 20, 2020. With a drive it should cost around 500 euros and without around 400 euros. According to another leak, the PS5 in Japan should appear a week earlier.

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