New emojis in iOS 13.2: gender-neutral and with restrictions

Apple has introduced the first implementation of the young Unicode standard 12.1 with iOS 13.2. Emoji's new additions to the iPhone and iPad focus on diversity and inclusion: many other popular ideograms, including various job descriptions, are now available alongside a female and a male representation in a new gender-neutral version.

Also with this one can also adjust the skin color. At the professional emojis there were at the beginning partly only male versions.


Gender-neutral emoji new entries in the job profiles.

(Picture: Emojipedia)

With iOS and iPadOS 13.2, a number of accessibility emojis have also become part of the operating system.

New additions proposed by Apple in 2018 include people in two different types of wheelchairs as well as people with a cane. These are also available in a gender-neutral version and with different skin types as emojis to choose from. A guide dog and an assistance dog were also admitted, as well as a prosthesis, an ear with hearing aid and the sign for deaf from the American Sign Language.

One in seven people in the world has some form of disability, Apple said in the application filed last year with the standard Unicode consortium. Emojis, "indicative of a user's experience, help to build a culture of diversity that includes disability," wrote the iPhone maker.

A part of the new additions in iOS 13.2 belongs to the Emoji standard 12.0, which is already considered by other operating system manufacturers such as Google and Microsoft – for example in Android 10. Version 12.1 of the standard has been implemented only in iOS so far, when using the new emojis it may come in communication with other platforms (or older iOS versions) corresponding to display problems.

iPhone users can also make countless combinations of skin colors for the "hands-holding couple" with 13.2. There are also new additions to animal and food emojis – and a yawning smiley. A complete overview of – depending on the counting method – three-digit number of emoji new arrivals in iOS 13.2 provides Emojipedia.

Apple's suggestions include the guide dog as well …


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