New Frontier Pass: New content for Civilization 6 comes every two months

The developer studio Firaxis Games will release additional content for Civilization 6 through a Season Pass called New Frontier. With the approximately € 40 expansion, players will receive a total of eight new civilizations, nine additional leaders and six other game modes. The Season Pass is released for Civ 6 on PC (Windows, Linux, MacOS), Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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The content of the New Frontier Pass will be published in six updates, which will be released approximately every two months from May 21, 2020. The last expansion will be in March 2021.

Anyone who purchases the full Season Pass will receive a Teddy Roosevelt and Katharina von Medici package as a bonus, which include game bonuses. These extras will only appear with the second DLC package in July.

Between the updates of the New Frontier Pass, which are available every two months, there will also be free patches with maps, scenarios, balance adjustments and more, reports the developer studio.

Artwork of the Civilization 6 New Frontier Pass (Image: Firaxis Games)

The second passport package will appear in July 2020. It has Ethiopia as its theme, as well as leaders, there are also two new buildings. An update follows in September with two new civilizations that have not yet been mentioned. The fourth package is said to be available in November, to offer city-states and celebrities.

Package number 5 is scheduled for January 2021, including a new civilization and two additional leaders. The last update is said to include wonders of the world. Firaxis has not yet released details of the extras mentioned here.

The turn-based strategy game Civilization 6 was released in October 2016 (test on There is already a lot of additional content, including scenarios with Vikings, Poles and Australians. There is still no information about another series part – if Civ 7 appears, a longer waiting time is likely.

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