New Generation Action Camera GoPro Hero 7 Released

GoPro's new action camper Hero 7 emerged. Hero 7, which will be sold in three different versions, is quite ambitious.

GoPro's newest action camcorder, Hero 7, is displayed on the introductory screens of a shop.

The GoPro Hero 7, with its versatility in three different versions, Black, Silver and White, has a water resistance of up to 10 meters and is also featured by a Reddit user, as well as many other features of Hero 7 that will be introduced in the last days of this month. Will have.

The screen will be on the front of the Hero 7 Black, which will offer 4K 60 fps and Full HD 240 fps video recording. The Hero 7 Black, expected to be much more performant than the Hero 6 Black, will be the strongest camera in the series. Other versions will be positioned at a slightly lower level in terms of their technical features.


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Over the past few years, GoPro has been confronted with different products, and with its 360-degree camera Fusion and Hero 6, the past year has been very successful. On the contrary, the company, which is experiencing frustration with the drone, has been completely withdrawn from the drone business. It's a matter of curiosity how GoPro will come up with products this year.