New Generation SUV Tools Turkish Engineers Will Develop

In a press conference in Istanbul, AVL's new term projects were officially announced. AVL's project to create the most success in the new era automatic transmission is to produce cars in Turkey with the algorithm.

AVL Research and Engineering Turkey's 2019 projects with the press share Serkan İmpra I, he said on the subject: [19659004] "SUV vehicles, These vehicles, which are becoming more and more popular in our country and in the world, have a significant market share, which is wider and has a higher ground clearance than other automobiles. There is an increasing demand in all parts of the world. has increased its popularity and the industry has begun to affect its dominance in the market share of the brand. We also, in this respect, we are making SUV of the engineering work for a long time in Turkey and have taken the first step towards their field tests. "

However AVL Research and Engineering Turkey's new do R & D cooperation with Ford Otosan in the humidity will also ensure the autonomization of trucks. This project is expected to be implemented by starting test drives in the first half of next year.


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