New Horizons Sends A New Video From MU69

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has sent a new video from Mu69, the farthest celestial body humanity has ever visited.

(486958), the most distant celestial object visited by the vehicle (486958) sent a GIF-like video from the metaphor of MU69


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The size of a mountain, the MU69, looks like an extremely interesting snowman or hourglass. The New Horizons spacecraft has passed 51,800 kilometers per hour from around 3540 kilometers of MU69, which is 6.5 billion from Earth and 1.6 billion kilometers from Pluto.

27 thousand kilometers away from the photo taken. New Horizons has taken a total of 13 pictures of the celestial stone, and the total withdrawal time of these images is 7 hours. According to the NASA statement, a tour around the MU69 takes about 16 hours. That's why New Horizons' images take about half a turn

so why is it important to examine objects in the Kuiper Belt, including M69? Because these objects are formed during the formation of the Solar System, they are shredded into pieces of rock. Hence, examining these objects will illuminate many of the mystery of the formation of the Solar System.


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