New Images of OnePlus 6T Leaked

In the past few days, new images allegedly belonged to the OnePlus 6T, leaked to the market with an embedded fingerprint scanner, leaked.

OnePlus has been attracting a lot of attention with its affordable and high performance phones that have recently been on the market. Finally, with the OnePlus 6T, the company has confirmed that in the past few days the phone will come out with a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen.

Incoming images, the fingerprint sensor of the OnePlus 6T comes to the forefront. But these images were not so convincing because the phone is said to be an Oppo R17 Pro that uses the 6T's screen display. In the second image you will see below, the Oppo style clock also reinforces these claims. However, it has been tried very hard to make the photograph convincing because the OnePlus product is used as the charger in the following photo.


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Still, it is impossible to say that these images are far from the appearance of the 6T. It's been a long time since the phone, both notch design and dimensions, will be quite similar to the Oppo R17 Pro. Although similar to the software, this similarity, which seems to be hardware, brings to mind how much OnePlus 6 resembles the R15 Pro. This strengthens the likelihood of the allegations being true.