New Information About Crypto Money Tax Regulation

New information has emerged about taxes and regulations that have been discussed for a long time in the cryptocurrency markets. First of all, a license and minimum capital requirement will be imposed on companies operating in this market. Crypto trading will also be taxed.

One of the most popular investment tools in our country lately buy cryptocurrency. In fact, it has been discussed for a long time exactly what cryptocurrencies are expected to replace traditional money digitally. Earlier inheritance tax Developments regarding cryptocurrencies, which were determined to be handled within the scope of the scope, were also monitored.

In our country 3 million investors Regulations continue to be made for the crypto coins found. According to APara’s report, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, CBRT, BRSA and CMB are working with the relevant institutions. The regulation is expected to come into effect in the first half of the year.

Minimum capital requirement

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First of all, for 60-70 companies operating in this market license and minimum capital requirement will be brought. Companies will be expected to have technical competence and a CMB license from institution employees.

According to rumors circulating in the backstage, the government, especially Bitcoin He is preparing to collect taxes from trading cryptocurrencies. At this point, first of all, there are discussions about how to define crypto money. Crypto coins can be defined as commodities, securities or money.


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Cryptocurrency according to experts will be defined as a security and 10% withholding tax may be deducted from sources such as gold and foreign currency. Turkey’s crypto-currency transaction volume in the first in Europe, also recalled that ranks fourth in the world.

Long-term investors of taxation transactions or people pursuing a “take-and-hold” strategy not predicted to affect. It is expected that a certain part of the income to be earned by those who earn money by buying and selling in a short time within a certain term will be deducted as tax.

An explanation had been made from the ministry

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Earlier Ministry of Treasury and Finance, In a statement he made, “The situation regarding crypto money is monitored by our ministry. We share worldwide concerns about cryptocurrencies. MB is working in cooperation with BRSA SKP,” he said.

Cryptocurrencies around the world how to tax The discussions continue. It is striking that the countries have not yet found a common definition. First OECD and institutions, including companies, are working on how to tax digital assets.


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