New Information About Samsung Galaxy F is Released

Samsung's innovative smartphone has been claimed to have a smaller battery capacity.

Samsung's folding smartphone, which has been spoken for many years, is finally being introduced. At the CES 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung's folding smartphone, which is shown to a limited number of private exhibitors, is quite good, and it is known that there were some errors during the folding, and that the South Korean technology giant would fix them soon. "
            Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Foldable Galaxy Phone's Battery Capacities

In recent weeks, Samsung's new foldable smartphone has a total of 6,200mAh battery capacity in each wing of 3,100mAh batteries. Today, the rumors that the device has two batteries with much less capacity, he says. It is said that these batteries will have a capacity of 2,200 mAh for each and a total capacity of 4,400 mAh will accompany the instrument.


            Samsung Uncovered 5G Supported Phone at CES 2019

Samsung's innovative smartphone – probably the Galaxy F – will have a storage capacity of 512GB or 1TB in addition to 12GB of gigantic RAM. It is expected to be introduced in the Unpacked event, which will be held on February 20 by Samsung. It is estimated that the launch of the device will remain in the second half of 2019.


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