New Introductory Trailer Arrived from FIFA 21

Electronic Arts has released its new promotional trailer, Kylian Mbappe, starring FIFA 21. In the new trailer, the game will stand out with innovations in many respects.

EA Sports, the other day Paris Saint-GermainFrom the Kylian Mbappe’s He had confirmed that FIFA 21 would be the cover star. The star player conveys his thoughts about being on the cover of the game “Being on the cover of the FIFA game is really a dream come true. Being on the cover of FIFA 21 on the road from amateur league to world cup is a big milestone”He said.

Of course, the information provided by EA Sports to fans was not limited to the cover star. EA Sportshas published the trailer of the game by signing another job that will make the fans laugh today. 2 minutes 20 seconds fragmentmade us have an idea about the game.

Career Mode skips class

fifa 21

Young star of Paris Saint Germen Kylian Mbappe’s In the new version of the game, as far as we can see in the new promotion, in which he starred, Street football there will be more in the game. Because the images created with the game engine, a street image and out of stadium training images are noticeable.

When we look at the promotional video and EA’s descriptions FIFA 21We see that we can progress in Fut mode with our friends. Also neglected in recent years in career mode there will be changes. First of all, matches can be simulated on the field, and we can take control of the team and play when we want. players purchase option We can hire. In addition, the player is finally in our career we can change our position it’s going to be possible. There will also be more co-op modes that we can play with our friends.

When we look at the general graphics, faces to the previous version a bit more realistic will be compared. In addition, the iconic goal joys of names such as Haaland, who are also ambassadors of the game, will be added to the game.

New regions, new adventures



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At the same time with the game FUT Co-Op A new feature has also appeared. In this mode where you can team up with your friends and compete for prizes Regional Competitors and Team Matches You will be able to participate in weekly developments such as, and meet new Co-Op Goals. So you will be rewarded not only for your victory in the field, but also for playing together.

EA Sports, FIFA 21’s October 9 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One announced that it can be played on consoles. Those who pre-ordered the game’s Ultimate or Champions version October 6 It was stated that he can access on.