New iPhone's Names Burn Brains

The iPhone X (yes 10) specially manufactured for the 10th year of the iPhone series has been reluctant for a year and the device has been removed from sales during the introduction of new iPhone models. The new phones are called the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR.

As one of today's most popular technology companies, Apple is also a brand name in product naming. So much so that a big part of people think iPhone as a company by itself, we are serious. This shows how successful the company is in creating a brand.

When we first saw the iPhone X, which was introduced to the 10th anniversary of the series in 2017, we all read it as "iPhone iks". When Apple launched its launch in the form of "Ten", or "On", the period of Roman figures began instead of the double-digit model names in technology. It was S year for Apple's iPhone series this year. So the more advanced versions of the main model introduced the previous year will be seen.

I'm sure that every time you see new iPhone models, you read them as "ten, ten, ten, ten or ten." If you are using English pronunciation while you are reading it, you are being handed over to a secondary error of the form "Ikses, Ikses Meks, Iksar". Since we first made news about new iPhones, some of our readers have been "I do not want to see more X". Do not expect Apple to add a little poetic havoc to the models. Because in English the correct pronunciation should be "Tenes, Tenes meks and Tenar". So at least Apple thinks about it.

It is not hard to see Apple struggling to identify brands, convincing the world public that iPhone X comes with an "X" One of the biggest reasons for this is the anxiety that "if we offer a sophisticated model of the elder brother, let's also name it."

The most important thing that makes Apple a favorite company since the years of its rise is the Zen architecture. As a Far Eastern philosopher, Zen has laid the foundation for Apple's corporate philosophy. Zen philosophy is adopted as a teaching to act with an understanding centered on simplicity. Until Apple's X-extension models, you'll see traces of the same philosophy everywhere, from designs to product names, from advertisements to stores.

But when you see the iPhone Xs Max, you can not think of a human Zen, and when you say it, you get tired to get the right pronunciation. Even the Apple CEO, Tim Cook himself, is in micro-pause while pronouncing it. I am sure that at Apple's technical services, no one will spell it out, even the engineers will joke among themselves.

Finally, let's point out the reason why Plus is now history. With the Apple iPhone X, it introduced the latest Plus extension model with the iPhone 8 Plus. There is no Max Plus now. So why? Because the screen size of Plus models was always 5.5 inches. The screen size of the Max model (future models) will be 6.5 inches standard. In the same way, we have the curiosity of abandoning the rhetoric that people are familiar with, in a sense of "we put on it, change its name".

Hopefully Apple will not lose its successful positioning strategy due to names, hopefully we will not see any models like the iPhone X Extra Max S, which wakes up and wakes up after 5 years.