New Method to Find Source of Ancient Parchments

Scientists from Tel Aviv University in Israel have developed a new method for analyzing Dead Sea Scrolls. Scientists, who examine DNA in parchments made from animal skin, say that the sources of parchment pieces can be determined.

Researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel, ancient parchments They have developed a new method for their investigation. The new method developed by Israeli scientists is based on the DNA found in animal skins from which parchments are made.

Oded Rechavi, one of the scientists in the study for the new method developed for the study of ancient parchments, from Tel Aviv University, Dead Sea Scrolls He said that his analysis was very difficult.

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Oded Rechavi has evolved over time after the Dead Sea Scrolls, many of which were found intact. parts I was leaving told. Rechavi said that the interpretation of the text may change dramatically due to the pieces put together later.

Another obstacle to analyzing Dead Sea Scrolls is that since they found scrolls black in stock copies contained. Rechavi said that it is quite difficult to determine the origin of the original parts due to copy parchments.

Scientists who wanted to analyze Dead Sea Scrolls have therefore developed a new method. The vast majority of ancient parchments from animal skin It was made. Rechavi and his colleagues have developed a DNA sequencing method that determines the genetic signature of each piece of parchment they analyze based on this.

Parts of a copy of the Book of Jeremiah come from different sources

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The new method developed provided interesting information about ancient parchments. 26 separate pieces of a scroll that the researchers analyzed during their work from different sources determined to come.

Noam Mizrahi, one of the scientists who participated in the study, made on parchments DNA work he said he answered some of the long-discussed questions. Mizrahi gave the book of Jeremiah, which consists of several pieces as an example. It was determined that a part of the Book of Jeremiah, the pieces of which were thought to come from the same source, was made of cow skin and the rest was made of sheep skin.

Because there are no cows in the Judaean Desert, scientists in Jeremiah they think a piece came from different regions. This shows that different versions of the copies of the Book of Jeremiah, which is considered a sacred text, were written at the same time.

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Hidden Letters Found on Dead Sea Scrolls

Noam Mizrahi said,The analysis of the text contained in these Jeremiah pieces shows that they do not only belong to different parchments, but also represent different versions of the book. The fact that the most divergent parchments were made from the skin of a different animal species shows that the parchments come from a different source.” said.

Scientists, who developed a new method for the study of ancient parchments, will collect more pieces of parchment and include information about different works. parchment genomics database they want to create.

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