New solution for restaurants and shops

  • Aktiv-Online's 2FDZ offers a solution for opening restaurants, hairdressing salons and places of worship in the corona pandemic.
  • The relaxation of the shutdown brings for Restaurateurs, hairdressers and other owners incur considerable bureaucratic effort because the data of the customers must be recorded.
  • The 2FDZ app reduces online check-in the time required.

The marketing agency based in Lüneburg Active online has with 2FDZ one Online check-in developed for restaurants, hairdressing salons and places of worship. Business owners can thus easily organize all of their data, saving time and paper. The procedure for the customer at the shop door only takes a few moments and is contactless.

This is how the mini app works

An online check-in for customers sounds like a check-in at the airport and also works in a similar way: the customer scans a QR code with his smartphone when entering the store and can enter his data directly online in a simple form. The data is transmitted securely and stored on a secure server. The Deletion of the data takes place automatically after three weeks. Only company employees can view the data during this time and transmit them to the health department if necessary. Check-out also works very simply when you leave the building or shop by scanning a second QR code.

Online check-in
When entering the store, the customer scans a QR code on their smartphone. (Image: Aktiv-Online)

Online check-in in the corona crisis

The background to the idea is the easing around the Corona crisis, according to which restaurants, hairdressing salons and places of worship ensure that visitors can be reached by name, address, telephone and telephone Time of entering and leaving of the premises and must keep them for three weeks. "This means that restaurateurs and hairdressers can concentrate entirely on their business," explains Roland Delion, owner of Active online. In his opinion, the use of the app is also an option for churches.

Business owners do not need their own homepage or in-depth technical knowledge to use the app. “The app is very easy to use and is now available for all companies when needed. The companies only need to register and print out two pages. We can start right away, ”Delion is convinced.

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