New Source of the Future: Electricity from Rice Straw

The production of electricity by rice straws may have a much larger usage area in the following periods. The new trend can be rice straw after countries such as Norway produce electricity using garbage.


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This material, which is obtained by grinding the rice trunk and leaves in the straw machine, seems to be suitable for generating electricity. This can be considered a kind of recycling, as the rice straw is not normally useful in most cases and is often burnt by the owners.

Power plants that generate electricity from rice straw are insufficient

Pardeep Aggarwal and Anu Prashaant of the Amity University in Gautam Budh Nagar, India, reported that the burning of rice straw should produce electricity instead of polluting the environment.


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At present, power plants using 100% rice straw for fuel can produce only one million tons per year. The 12 megawatt power plant is not very useful in this regard. In the following periods, more power will be obtained as the power plants that produce electricity from rice straw are opened.