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  • The three partner companies Buzzbird, pilot and Splendid Research introduce a new market research tool for evaluating influencer campaigns.
  • With the “Influencer Brand Monitor” not only the performance, but also the effect on the brand becomes transparently verifiable.

With the new market research tool “Influencer Brand Monitor”, companies can measure their influencer campaigns for brand perception and brand values. To develop the tool, the three partner companies Buzzbird, Pilot and Splendid Research have bundled their competencies: Buzzbird as a specialist for influencer marketing, pilot for insights, media and data and Splendid Research for the surveys. The result is a market research product that makes the performance values ​​of influencer campaigns on awareness and brand image measurable.

Influencer campaigns: Brand uplift transparently verifiable

The Influencer Brand Monitor is the answer to a frequently expressed demand in the market. Customers want a clear assessment framework for the measurability of success – also with a view to Brand perception and brand value. The new tool makes this possible. With the data provided by the Influencer Brand Monitor, influencer campaigns can now be aligned more strategically and with higher performance. The three partners Buzzbird, pilot and Splendid Research are taking the decisive step together to further develop the influencer marketing market. On the one hand, the new offer is a strong stimulus for the market, and on the other, it is also an innovative asset in the partner portfolio.

Influencer campaigns Buzzbird
The influence of influencer campaigns on product placement. (Graphic: Buzzbird)

With the new product, the three partner companies are making a major contribution to the professionalization of influencer marketing – the more data makes it possible. In the early days of this type of marketing, creativity and storytelling counted primarily, but measurability was usually poor. This became pure Performance campaigns prefers. There was measurability at every point of the customer journey – but important factors such as storytelling and brand building often fell by the wayside. But influencer campaigns and marketing are about so much more: brands are staged and thus also the brand perception and brand values ​​are influenced. All of this can now finally be represented: The effects can be transparently measured and verified.

This is how the “Influencer Brand Monitor” tool works

In the first step, influencers place a story or post on their profile. Then they ask their followers for help on their own behalf and invite them to a survey. So we let followers evaluate the influencers and the brand campaign. Of course, we also find out the age and gender of the fans. In a second step, people who do not belong to the followers are interviewed in an online panel. The surveyed group has the same age structure and the same proportion of female and male participants as the first group.

The uplift assessment then takes place on this basis. Ten days after the end of a campaign, the tool provides transparent values ​​that show whether a campaign has also increased the intended brand values ​​and whether this has strengthened the brand preference. With the new market research product, it is also possible to selectively show the contributions of individual Instagram users on the brand identity. These insights form the basis for controlling the use of influencers for brand communication strategically and based on facts. The new product, which brands and agencies can now book from one of the three partners, is able to illustrate this.

Influencer campaigns Buzzbird
How the Brand Lift Chart is measured. (Graphic: Buzzbird)

Effect of influencer campaigns beyond the click KPIs measurable

Frank Schönewerk, Chief Strategy Officer at Buzzbird, explains: “With this new important tool we have a fast and lean product with which the effect of influencer campaigns beyond the click KPIs can be made transparent at a reasonable cost.”

Hartmut Brügner, Director of Market Research at pilot agency group, adds: “With their commitment, influencers not only arouse product interest, they also move brand values. The return on ad spend for this communication component is valuable both in the short term and in the long term. Understanding the effect creates room for maneuver for future campaign management. ”

Gerald Falkenburg, Head of Research at Splendid Research, explains: “We are pleased to be able to contribute our many years of expertise in testimonial research with the Human Brand Index to such an exciting and for our customers attractive” Testimonial 2.0 “project.” (sg)

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