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With the go-live of the completely revised, global web portal Digitas Pixelpark closes the first milestone for its new customer CWS from. Digitas Pixelpark was responsible for the strategy of the portal, which was consistently optimized for lead generation and conversion rate, as well as the conception and design, UX and UI conception as well as planning and production of the entire content. Digitas Pixelpark was supported by the “Power of One” agency Performics, which took over SEO and the translation into English.

The new web portal from CWs has been optimized for lead generation and conversion rate. (Image: CWS)

CWS has a diverse target group

“The challenge at CWS in the first step was mainly for that pronounced wide portfolio to develop a customer experience that enables a comprehensive customer-centered presentation of the content-related solutions and the products and services linked to them while at the same time different needs that caters to a wide range of target groups, ”explains Laura von Berswordt, Client Partner for CWS at Digitas Pixelpark.

“Digitas Pixelpark has more than succeeded. Our new portal communicates the values ​​and advantages of our products and services and not only makes our services visible, but also makes them understandable. That must be the starting point for our innovative, sustainable Digital rental solutions be. Because with a view to lead generation and aftersales, a perfect service alone is no longer enough today, ”adds Adriana M. Nuneva, Chief Digital Officer at CWS.

CWS Nuneva
Adriana M. Nuneva is Chief Digital Officer at CWS. (Image: CWS)

Digital marketing transformation from A to Z

Digitas Pixelpark has been advising the CWS on its digital marketing transformation since November 2019 and will initially continue to optimize the conversion rate of the website on a data-driven basis in order to secure the decisive leads for the customer with this new digital marketing and sales channel for the coming financial year.

The CWS Group is a 100 percent stake in Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH. With sustainable and digital rental solutions, CWS contributes to a healthier and safer future. The CWS offer is divided into products and services from the areas of hygiene, mats, work clothes, fire protection, clean rooms as well as health and care.

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