New York Aircraft Has Serious Turbulence

There was a serious turbulence on the passenger plane that departed from Istanbul and landed at New York Kennedy Airport.

Turkish Airlines launched a flight from Istanbul to New York Kennedy International Airport there was a serious turbulence. New York airport officials spokesman Steve Coleman reported that the plane landed at 5.35am in the afternoon, and the first interventions took place at the airport at the airport, according to New York time.

was shipped. Most of the survivors are known to have broken a person's leg when they have survived minor injuries such as cuts, swelling, and crushes.

Aircraft entering the turbulence 45 minutes prior to the landing, ambulances and fire brigades waited in the airport that declared an emergency before landing, but the New York Fire Department ' According to the statement, none of the injuries were vital.


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The announcement of Turkish Airlines about the accident was also not. The Press Counseling Department of THY stated that the health status of the passengers and the cabin crew were closely monitored.