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In the first half of 2020, consumers relied more than ever on news media in the form of news apps to find out about the unpredictable developments surrounding COVIDKeep the 19 pandemic up to date. New surveys of the App marketing platform Adjust show that consumers are increasingly using smartphones to consume news. This suggests that news apps could receive more attention in the long term.

News apps Source: Adjust

Enormous increase in installations and sessions

Adjust data shows that daily news app installations increased by 37 percent between January and April 2020. The Number of installations peaked in March before returning to pre-pandemic levels in May. The daily sessions on how often an app is used also saw an enormous increase of 59 percent between January and April.

The number of sessions peaked in April and decreased by only 13 percent the following month. The values ​​here are still far above those of 2019 and early 2020. This trend signals one Change in usage habits in media consumption: More and more people prefer the easily accessible news apps
versus traditional news channels.

Mobile news apps meet the need for news

“During this uncertain time, users relied more heavily on news media. This illustrates the crucial role the media play in informing people during the outbreak of the global pandemic, ”said Paul H. Müller, Co-Founder and CTO of Adjust. “Our data indicate that it is primarily mobile apps that meet the demand
the latest news. ”

The data also provide information about regional trends in news consumption, as the
People around the world have had to deal with curfews and ever-changing regulations.

News appsSource: Adjust

News apps are used more intensively worldwide

  • The use of news apps increased sharply in the USA: Daily installations increased 53 percent while daily sessions increased 104 percent between January and April. Between April and May, the number of sessions only dropped by almost 8 percent. This indicates that many users continue to use the news apps intensively.
  • The number of daily sessions rose in the EMEA region from January to April 2020 by 69 percent. They peaked in March, in parallel with the exit restrictions that came into effect across much of Europe. Germany and France in particular recorded clear peaks in daily sessions, which increased by 75 percent and 71 percent in the respective countries.
  • Growth developed in Japan Following a similar pattern to the rest of the world, with installations and sessions increasing 23 percent and 44 percent between January and April, and sessions decreasing 11 percent between April and May.

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