Nexoya expands to Germany with a new subsidiary – eCommerce Magazin

Nexoya AG, headquartered in Zurich, has founded a GmbH in Germany as a wholly owned subsidiary. On July 1, 2021, the founders Manuel Dietrich and Marco Hochstrasser expanded the management team and appointed sales expert and consultant Alen Cerovina as managing director. In his new role, he will be responsible for the strategic acquisition and support of customers in Germany from Berlin. The SaaS platform “nexoya Marketing Analytics” has been providing marketing departments with transparency about their digital advertising budgets since 2018, which they can control and optimize dynamically with the help of artificial intelligence.

Extensive experience in SaaS, B2B sales and digital business

Alen Cerovina is an experienced sales manager with a focus on SaaS, B2B sales, digital business and internationalization. After studying economics in Germany and the USA, Cerovina was able to gain management experience at various companies and start-ups. In the last six months he has accompanied nexoya intensively as an external sales consultant.

The founders of nexoya would like to intensify the successful cooperation with the appointment of Cerovina as managing director. “Over the past 20 years, Alen Cerovina has worked in various start-ups, industries and setups and brings valuable experience with us for our further growth. The focus of his work is the expansion of nexoya – especially in Germany, ”explains Manuel Dietrich, CEO and co-founder of nexoya AG.

Optimization of multi-channel marketing campaigns with the “nexoya Marketing Analytics” solution. (Graphic: nexoya)

Strategic acquisition and development of nexoya in Berlin

“The solution from nexoya has great potential. With just three channels such as Facebook, Google and Instagram and an ad budget of 10,000 euros or more per month, the use of nexoya leads to measurable relief for the marketing team, “says Alen Cerovina. “Against this background, I expect German companies to be very interested in our solution. I look forward to further advancing the service, providing sustained support for the company’s expansion and pioneering the further development of nexoya. ”

Nexoya Cerovina
Alen Cerovina has been running nexoya GmbH since July 1, 2021.

His focus is initially on the strategic acquisition of new customers. In addition, Cerovina will set up a team for the Berlin location, manage business in Germany and optimize processes. The first employee in Berlin will come on board on August 1st. Further positions, such as that of a Business Development Representative, are currently advertised. Since the first seed financing in 2019, nexoya has grown rapidly and currently employs 20 people. In the first three years, the SaaS start-up was able to win well-known customers such as Generali Switzerland, CSS Insurance, Emmi Group and Kardex Holding.

Pandemic poses major challenges for marketing

Due to the corona pandemic, many touchpoints in public space have been eliminated. In addition to the general digitization trend, this means that digital marketing campaigns are becoming more important. In addition, marketing budgets are under pressure due to economic uncertainties or even a decline in sales. As a result, many companies manage digital marketing in-house. This increases the need for efficient solutions in this area.

“Marketing is facing major organizational challenges. Today, the teams play on Google Ads and Google Search Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads or Display Ads at the same time. They need a solution to effectively evaluate and control their digital campaigns with a growing number of channels, ”reports Marco Hochstrasser, CTO and co-founder of nexoya AG.

With the “Campaign Optimization” feature, available since November 2020, the solution from nexoya offers the answer to a challenge that many marketing departments are currently facing: The platform enables the step away from budget planning that is focused on individual channels and thus non-transparent to one dynamic and agile adaptation of the campaigns.

New free tool from nexoya reminds you to carry out campaigns

Event-related marketing campaigns are a good strategy to surprise and retain customers and thus set yourself apart from the competition. For this reason, nexoya has developed the reminder tool, which gives users early information about upcoming days of the year or action days. In this way, you will never miss an opportunity for day-to-day campaigns. The notice automatically lands in the e-mail inbox one month before the event. This leaves enough time for strategic planning and implementation of marketing activities. In addition, the reminder contains tips for campaigns with appropriate content, from SEO to SEM to content marketing.

Annual and action days have proven themselves for event-related marketing campaigns. A well-known example is global Black Friday. Many marketers benefit from the consumer’s attention that day every year. Holiday marketing also increases the turnover of many companies, especially in the run-up to Christmas. However, it is worthwhile to run small campaigns in addition to the usual marketing campaign days. Upcoming commemorative, annual, campaign and public holidays are a good occasion for this.

Almost every day of the year has a certain motto: Be it World Environment Day, World Non-Smoking Day, Jogging Pants, World Cats or World Cuddling Day, German Apple Day or International Beer Day. In this way, marketing departments can find the right occasions for their products and goals, which are otherwise often lost in everyday business for planning timely campaigns. (sg)

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