Nike customers in USA, iPhone is tender to the shredder

Nike agrees with Colin Kaepernick, an American footballer, as the face of an advertising campaign he made in the US. The legendary player in the name of the cap did not stand up while reading the US national anthem during an event.

After the boycott call by President Erdogan against US products, we saw the iPhone dismemberment taking place at many different points in the country. However, to break those phones, it has already harmed us directly because our country has already raised money from the town. Taking another foreign company's product instead of a broken phone has never changed the situation. Now we are telling you an incident that proves that these problems are not just happening in our country.

Nike signed an advertising deal with Colin Kaepernick, who has serious popularity in every country where American football is embraced:

This deal was presented with the classic Nike motto, "Just Do It," which was on the cover of Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick's words in the advertisement were in Turkish, "believe something, even if it means to sacrifice everything".

Colin Kaepernick reacted during an event on August 27th in the United States, as the country's national anthem was not on the reading leg. The athlete, known as the cap, described this attitude as "I can not stand to show that I am proud of the flag of an ethnic country that is pressuring black people." This attitude of the CAP was a serious debate in the United States, and received harsh criticism from a segment of society. With the subsequent Nike campaign, the process came to an even more pressing point.

In social media, protests began to circulate where US citizens burned and destroyed Nike products:

"First of all, @NFL forced me to choose between my favorite country and my country, then I selected @Nike to choose between my favorite footwear and my country.How long has the American flag and national anthem ever been such a threat?"

"The old sailor Soundman burned down Nike's socks, ready to hit @ Nike with millions

As a customer who owns a traded product, who produces the product or because of the attitude of the company, may react as a customer. If these reactions occur in the form of burning or shredding the product that the customer has purchased, the action will not harm the business. It should not be forgotten that these protests made on the grounds that they have symbolic significance are in fact harmful to the protestant.

It is understood that such radical approaches can be found everywhere in the world.

It seems that the most beautiful method in the individual sense is to not choose the products of the company that should be reacted.