No Coronavirus Cases Have Been Seen in the Last 17 Days in Artvin

The number of cases was reset in Artvin, which largely complied with the measures taken against the Covid-19 outbreak. While the people who were treated for coronavirus were discharged in the city, there were no positive cases for 17 days.

ArtvinThe measures taken against the new type of coronavirus outbreak are largely complied with. In the city, people diagnosed with coronavirus recovered and discharged after treatment. For 17 days In the city where no new cases were seen, the number of cases was also reset. While the residents of the city did not leave the house unless it was compulsory, the streets remained almost empty.

Made in Artvin so far number of tests 857, The number of positive cases was recorded as 39 and the number of patients who died as 5. In the Murgul, Ardanuç and Arhavi districts of the city, no patient diagnosed with Covid-19 has been seen so far.

Artvin Provincial Health Directorate, Deputy Head of Health Services Public Health Specialist Dr. Mehmet Ali Dundar, in a statement on the subject, ”Thank God our work on coronavirus has started to give positive results. We have no positive coronavirus cases left in our hospitals. We did not come across a case that we had recently detected for two weeks. Artvin sterilized himself in terms of coronaviirus, we can say ” said.

Saying that the people of Artvin have adapted to the rules and way of life to a great extent since the beginning of the epidemic, and successfully implemented them. "We hope that this sensitivity will continue until the danger is completely over. We hope that everyone will continue to apply the decisions to the forehead without compromise." used expressions.

Tradesman in Artvin for 35 years Necati Türker, saying that this is the first time that he has encountered such a situation; "The people of Artvin obey the rules very much, we do not see the child and the elderly in a very conscious street. Therefore, we are happy that the number of cases is zero in Artvin." The reason for this is that the people of Artvin are very sensitive and follow the rules. He did not go out under the age of 20, over the age of 65. In this way, the city is united against Korona. I present my thanks to everyone who contributed. ” he spoke.

Saying that people in Artvin have taken the epidemic seriously since the first day Görkem Türker, “Everyone thought of not only their own health, but also the health of others. For this reason, the numbers are decreasing, as if we have defeated the virus, I hope that this work will be completed in our province in an average month ” in the form added.


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