No fiber optics, no IT skills: schools are unsuccessfully trying to get money from the digital pact

It is not because of the schools that one year after the digital pact came into effect, hardly any of the 5 billion euros was drawn from the program. Two school IT experts explained this. The magazine Focus had published a survey among the 16 ministries of culture, according to which only applications worth around 125 million euros were approved, which corresponds to 2.5 percent of the budget.

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The schools wanted to use the money, but despite many submissions, the funds would not be released, said a teacher and IT manager at a high school in Berlin. As a rule, it is not up to the schools that funds are not accessed. “Unofficially, it was recently said that we can never expect to receive funds from the digital pact, even though we already submitted our complete media concept in October.”

In Berlin, in particular, a broadband connection will be set up for the schools, which will involve considerable construction work. “For our school, it is not even known whether it will even begin in the next two years. Only when this has been completed can we order hardware for use in school using digital pact funds. Other schools in the district that have been similarly busy , it works the same way. The offices are fundamentally not able to distribute funds at all. I cannot judge whether this is due to the lack of funding guidelines or unwillingness. “said the IT manager.

There are already fears among colleagues in the district that funds from the digital pact will never be distributed because the expansion of the line to school has been delayed for too long.

Another expert in school IT in North Rhine-Westphalia explained to that the media concepts of the schools would be available. “These are also finished at many schools that I know of.” It says roughly what tools and functions the teachers want to use. But the media development plans of the school authorities are not finished.

At the municipal level, the school authorities give “There is hardly any IT competence. The buildings are ailing, especially the cabling. WLAN failed everywhere due to 100 Mbit / s cabling and overloaded circuits for Power-over-Ethernet switches”.

School teachers were asked where access points should go, but had no answer because they were not trained to do so.

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