No more in-app subscription: YouTube TV apparently wants to save Apple commission

YouTube TV separates from Apple's in-app subscriptions: From mid-March, the TV service will no longer accept payment via Apple's in-app purchase interface, according to a letter to customers. The service remains available on Apple devices, as Google further emphasized.

The change does not only apply to new customers, existing subscriptions made through Apple will also be "automatically canceled" after March 13, when the respective booking period ends, as in the of Macrumors published notice to subscribers, The change affects YouTube TV on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. No reason for the move was given.

YouTube TV is Google's live TV service that is currently only available in the United States. It gives streaming access to around 70 television channels at a cost of $ 50 a month. On Apple devices, Google had already set the price a little higher at around $ 55, but this does not cover Apple's revenue share: when using Apple's payment interface, apps have to transfer 30 percent of revenue to Apple. For subscription offers, Apple lowers the commission to 15 percent, but only from the second subscription year.

For YouTube Premium, Google therefore charges 4 euros per month for the subscription price of otherwise 12 euros when subscribing to iOS devices. A waiver of Apple's in-app payment interface does not seem planned here.

Apple stipulates that the sale of digital services in apps may only take place via the in-house payment interface, other payment services are not permitted. Providers are also prohibited from referring to external subscription offers in the app – for example to the associated website.

Streaming greats like Spotify and Netflix have already separated from Apple's in-app payment interface. Spotify also sees the iPhone Group's commission as a disadvantage, as Apple offers its own music streaming service in direct competition.


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