Nokia 9 PureView May End in January

Nokia's highly anticipated phone, PureView, may be available on the shelves later this month.

Several long-standing rumors of the Nokia 9 PureView were being launched. The latest gossip is that Nokia's new phone will be available in late January.

According to a source from Nokia's distribution channels, the Nokia 9 PureView will be launched at an event in Dubai in late January and The sale will begin.

The phone will be available in India in February and several other Nokia models will be available in February.

If these rumors are true, the phone will be introduced earlier . Because before this news and rumors that the phone will be held in February, the first was to be introduced in MWC 2019. It is known that Samsung will not prefer to introduce their new flagship in MWC 2019. So, this year the MWC may pass a little quiet.


            Nokia 9 PureView's Video Released with 5 Rear Cameras

If the information about the phone is correct, users can get what they expect from the phone they are looking forward to. The phone is said to have five cameras in the back, two cameras in the front and a fingerprint reader embedded in the screen.


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