Nokia C3 Appear on Geekbench

Continuing its activities within HMD Global, Nokia took place in Geekbench with its new entry-level smartphone Nokia C3. Information on some of the hardware features of the Nokia C3 was also found on the device’s page.

Re-entering the smartphone sector within HMD Global Nokiahas not been able to introduce a smartphone that will make its mark on the industry in recent months. However, the company plans to introduce a few phones at the IFA 2020 event, which will be held in Berlin next month, according to allegations.

Although we do not know exactly which models of these phones will be, according to information revealed today Nokia C3Will be among the models to be introduced in IFA 2020. Nokia has little and probably will be budget friendly smartphone, finally in Geekbench Appeared.

The hardware information of the Nokia C3 is also on the page:

nokia c3

The Nokia C3, which appears on the Benchmark site Geekbench, is not only here with performance test results; we came across with some hardware features. According to the information on the device’s page, the Nokia C3 is based on a single-core performance test. 149 points from multi-core performance testing 820 points took.

Nokia C3, which we understand from the performance test results that it will be a budget-friendly phone, proves this with its hardware features. According to other information on the Geekbench page, the device Eight core of 1.2 GHz as well as a processor only To 3 GB of RAM will host.

nokia c3


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Although no more details are given about the processor, the Nokia C3, gamoraplus will have the motherboard. In addition, the device will come out of the box with the Android 10 operating system despite its low features. The information we have about Nokia’s C3 is only limited to this.

Nokia, which cannot put itself at an important point among high-end smartphones, is in a relatively good position among entry-level smartphones such as C3. We will see if the Nokia C3, which will be the company’s new phone, will also raise the company’s position. How much of the device on the price tag we don’t know yet.

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