Nokia Has Had Tough Days, Lost Millions of Dollars

Nokia has remained well below its sales forecast and has suffered massive losses.

Nokia has been struggling to regain its place in the market since it sold its devices and services to Microsoft. In this regard, HMD Global exhibited successful works with 425 employees during the month of February. In this process Nokia is trying to fix things with many different agreements, according to the new report it appears that it can not do it.


            Price / Performance Monster Introduced Nokia One with Nokia 6.1

Nokia, which has lower revenues than last year, said its analysts expect losses in the second quarter of fiscal year. While the company is expecting a loss of 260m euros, this figure rose to 267m euros. Sales, on the other hand, suffered a drop of 1 per cent compared to last year and amounted to € 5.31 billion.

Despite this drop, Nokia is trying to keep up with new devices like Nokia 6.1 Plus. The company is expected to make a major leap forward in the market with smartphone models such as Nokia 9, which are expected in the coming period.