Norwegian Air CEO to open up Bitcoin stock market

Norwegian Air CEO Bjorn Kjos will open a Bitcoin Stock Exchange named Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX).

Norwegian Air CEO opens Bitcoin Stock Exchange

The company collected $ 250,000 on its first capital tour. The established stock market will belong to a company called Observatoriet Invest. However, Stij Kjos-Mathisen, the son-in-law of Bjorn Kjos and the board member of the NBX, said that the original owner would always be Norwegian. The NBX will open the crypto money market later this year. The NBX'ib also states that it will also build an aviation company for the use of crypto money. Kjos-Mathisen made the following statement:

We are looking at things that are easy to scale. Among other things, we want to offer crypto money as a payment option on the airline.

NBX has ambitious plans to compete with GDAX and Kraken stock exchanges

NBX has ambitious plans to compete with GDAX and Kraken stock exchanges. Norwegian Air Shuttle is Scandinavia's biggest airline and the cheapest third airline in Europe. The world's ninth cheapest big freight company and in 2016 carried 30 million people. The airline serves more than 150 people in 35 countries, including Norwegian Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Kjos-Mathisen made the following statement:

One of the most important things for us is to build an ecosystem around the solutions we have developed. In particular, the ecosystem within the Norwegian group is important.

Norway has not always been optimistic about crypto money

Norway has not always been optimistic about crypto money. Nevertheless, however, the use of crypto notes in Norway is increasing day by day. However, the biggest bank in the country adopted Bitcoin integration. The Central Bank of the country also offered cryptographic money in the form of government-supported cash instead of cash. Stig-Mathisen, who recently talked to financial regulators, says he is not interested in the regulations and he adds:

It has not been long before we met with the financial supervisor. My impression is that they do not want to hinder the adoption and adaptation of technology. However, they have a cautious approach.

The relationship between a large airline and the crypto money exchange will be quite interesting. CCN

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