Note 9 Bad for Waits, Good News for Galaxy S10 Waits

Samsung abandoned adding the integrated fingerprint scanner to the Galaxy Note 9 model. The company will introduce this long-awaited technology along with the Galaxy S10 model

The Galaxy S series, one of Samsung's most popular smartphone series, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next year. As a result, the plans of the South Korean technology giant for the Galaxy S10 are very much wondered.


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One of the innovations Samsung will bring to the Galaxy S with the Galaxy S10 is the integrated fingerprint scanner on the screen. But there is still a question that is not answered;

Some leaked that a South Korean company, along with Galaxy Note 9, would present the screen-integrated fingerprint scanner to Samsung fans. Some leaks say the company hides this technology on the Galaxy S10.


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According to the newly acquired information, Samsung has informed its suppliers that the Galaxy Note 9 will stop adding integrated fingerprint scanners to the screen and will present this technology to customers with the Galaxy S10 for the 10th year.

The Galaxy S10 is an integrated fingerprint scanner technology will not be the first smart phone to be used. But the new scanning technology that Samsung has developed will be much more stable and faster than the system used by Chinese smartphone makers.


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Samsung's advanced ultrasonic fingerprint scanner will model all the indentations and projections of the user's finger in a more accurate way, three-dimensionally. Thus, both security and technology will work much faster.